Do you know newsletters are a great form of marketing, but just need a few notions to spruce up your copy and design? Look no further. We’ve got nine ideas that will keep your direct mail marketing content interesting, fun and effective.

  1. Office spotlights: Letting the community get to know your team is a great way to connect with your clients. Always include a picture and a relatable bio. Where your dentist went to school is important, but so is what he likes to do on the weekends with his family. Include how many years of experience your dental assistant has, but also her favorite hobby or pet. The main purpose of an employee highlight is to connect with your audience and build trust. So, be professional, but also personable and memorable.
  2. A healthy recipe: Providing instructions for a tasty, tooth-friendly morsel not only gives you a chance to connect with your readers, it will also give them a reason to hold on to your newsletter. Be sure to make the it easily clippable, so even if they don’t save the entire mailer, they can hang the recipe on their fridge and be reminded of your practice each time they make that yummy treat.
  3. A crossword puzzle/word search/coloring picture: Again, always dental themed- you want the extras to be relevant- but more than just fluff, they are a reason for your prospective patients to hold onto the newsletter longer. The longer someone is engaged with your marketing materials- the more likely they are to make an impression.
  4. Graphics: It doesn’t matter if you’ve got great writing and interesting topics if all you’re giving your audience is two columns of straight print. If it looks boring, they are going to assume it is boring and chances are, not much reading will occur. Break up your text with pictures, infographics, color blocks, headlines, etc. If you feel like the design process is overwhelming, work with a professional company, like the Dental Press. Their designers can help you build a template that will keep you readers engaged.
  5. A community event calendar: You providing information to your audience about what is going on in the community shows that you are actively involved in it. It’s not only a trust builder, but designed right, it’s another reason for your audience to hold on to your mailer as a reference.
  6. Quiz or Trivia: Test your readers’ knowledge, everyone likes a good challenge. Put together a short set of questions about a dental related topic and see how their “know how” stacks up. Be sure to put trivia answers on different page (because guess what, they just read page 3 while they were looking for the solution!)
  7. Use offers: Besides just getting a great deal, coupons with an expiration date give your clients a reason to act now. We talk about what type of offers have proven again and again to have great results in this previous blog.
  8. Patient Reviews- Including a recent 5 star review establishes credibility with readers and is also great way to let those that wrote the reviews know their efforts are appreciated.
  9. Interesting, educational material: Don’t sell your audience short. The bulk of your newsletter should be informative content on dental trends, technologies, procedures, and mouth-health related topics. Pull out interesting facts, use bullet points, and don’t clump too much text in one place. You can continue articles on subsequent pages to keep readers turning the page and ensure no one spot is too copy heavy. Use varied article lengths. Try to give your readers at least one stand-out piece of relevant information in every writing piece and element of your newsletter.

Happy writing! If you’ve got proven newsletter content ideas that we missed here, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

9 Ideas to Spruce up Your Newsletter Content

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