The Dental Press was founded by Katie Ripplinger, a former dental office manager who spent years preparing newsletters and postcards for her own dental office. She found that keeping up with the content to produce a consistent newsletter was a huge drain on an already busy dental office’s time and resources. Though outsourcing the task brought a decent return on investment, she knew that using new saturation mailing techniques and local printers could cut the costs significantly.

She decided to use this knowledge, as well as her experience with patient marketing, to professionally produce newsletters and postcards that could be individually customized for other dental practices. Through this efficient, personable approach, The Dental Press helps dentists realize the benefits of educating their communities through this highly effective medium and does so at a price that makes it easy for offices to get started.

The Dental Press has a quality team of professional writers and graphic designers to produce beautiful and effective marketing campaigns, digital or print. Each member of our staff has extensive experience in the dental field, giving them an extra edge to produce up-to-date, relevant content on today’s hottest topics in dentistry.

Katie - CEO and Founder

the CEO, uses her marketing knowledge and extensive experience in the field of dentistry to help you achieve the best return on investment.





Margi - Lead Dental Writer

is our Lead Dental Writer. She worked as a dental assistant for over 20 years before joining our team. She has often said that patient education is dear to her heart and it shows in her research and writing.





Kristina - Graphic Designer

is our Head Graphic Designer. With her artistic talent and speed on the computer, she can change a design to reflect the brand of any office in a snap. She is easy to work with and just seems to intuitively envision what the doctor has in mind.




Jess - Blog Author and Newsletter Contributor

is our Blog Author and Newsletter Contributor. She has a passion for writing and has experience in Dentistry and other related medical fields. She enjoys keeping up on the latest dental technologies and researching business strategy.




We are dedicated to producing a top quality product that will help you to secure the position as the dental expert in your community and help you achieve that sought after quality dental practice. We are here to help you! Contact us for a free custom mailing proposal and quote and to have all of your questions answered!

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