Autumn is a favorite time of year for many people. Whether it’s the changing leaves, crisp fall nights, thrill of Halloween or the anticipation of holiday planning- the end of the year brings with it loads of fun and excitement.   It’s also notorious for busy schedules and long to-do lists. During this eventful season, a visit to the dentist office falls lower on the priority list for many patients, despite the fact that it’s the ideal time to take advantage of their dental benefits.

So, how can you remind your patrons to utilize their flex spending and make the most of their insurance by reaching their annual maximum coverage? We’ve put together several ideas to encourage your clients to more fully take advantage of their benefits before the year ends.

  1. Teach them how it works. You might be surprised how many of your patrons don’t understand exactly how their flex spending and insurance coverage works when it comes to dentistry.  Write a blog post, email blast, or reach prospective and established patients via newsletter with an informative and comprehensive explanation of these policies. Be sure to remind them that most flex accounts work on a “use it or lose it basis,” so if they haven’t put those dollars to good use by the end of December, their hard earned money will simply go to waste. Also important to include in your article are the types of eligible expenses these funds cover: crowns, bridges, fillings, implants, orthodontics, cleanings, exams, gum treatment, etc.
  2. Do the work for them. Don’t rely on patients to make the call to their insurance and check on the available amounts they still have for their yearly coverage. If you’ve got patients that have proposed but never completed treatment plans- focus on those files. Do the research to see exactly what funds are still available and how that plays into the work they still need completed. Then, reach out to your clients with specifics.  For example, let them know they have $700 of unused benefits with their insurance plan and that is going to be just the right amount to cover X treatment. Then, ask if you can get them on the schedule to get that work completed before their coverage resets and they need to re-meet their deductible. Make it convenient and personal and you’ll have better luck getting these patients in the office during this hectic time of year.
  3. Run a seasonal special. Advertise a coupon or deal that applies to many treatment types and caters to those looking to use up their year-end benefits. Promote this special in your office, on your website and in all of your print communications (newsletters, postcards, holiday greetings, billings, etc.).  Some examples might include:
  • “Take advantage of your flex dollars and unused insurance benefits! Receive 5% off any treatment scheduled between now and the end of the year!”
  • “Get a $50 Amazon gift card (just in time for the holidays!) when you schedule $500+ dollars of dental treatment to take advantage of your flex spending before the year end.”

Try implementing these suggestions to keep your schedule as filled and busy as the department stores this holiday season!

Got a suggestion that we missed you use to keep your patients up to speed when it comes to insurance benefits and flex accounts? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Encourage Your Patients to Use Their Dental Benefits

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