Whether you are a start-up practice, buying an already established practice or just trying to bring in some new patients you probably have a marketing strategy in place. Picking a demographic to market to is something that you have considered and you may already have an idea of the type of patients you want in your practice, which is great! The type of people that you attract can have a huge impact on the overall success of your business as well as your mental well-being – if we are being completely honest.

However, picking your target demographic can be difficult! Will you accept insurance? Is your practice family oriented? Is your dental practice more traditional or is your office filled with the latest and greatest in dental technology? While these are all great questions and are geared towards finding your optimal patients, several recent reports have proven that the one for-sure person you want to aim to market to is the stay-at-home mom. According to a recent statistic, women account for 92% of their household’s purchasing decisions. These studies also confirmed that mothers, or women in general, were the ones making the healthcare decisions including dental care.

So, what is the best way to market to moms you ask? Despite our ever-growing and booming online market, believe it or not, newsletter and postcard marketing is still in high standing. All it takes is a simple survey to confirm this strategy. Simply send out a “Patient Satisfaction Survey” asking your patients how they found your office at the end of a new patient appointment or have your receptionist track where new patients come from. A successful dental office currently sending out newsletters or postcards will find that many of their committed, loyal patients are those in close proximity to their office that were brought in via their direct mail marketing.

Here are a few tips to help catch a mom’s eye:

• Have an Authentic Voice: Whether you have a professional design the physical layout or not, your “voice” should always be the same throughout all areas of your marketing. If you have a staff member post things online, your printed material should follow suit.

• Use Emotion-Evoking Content: Speak to the inner “mom” of your patient. Be sure to include content that triggers the emotional response. Talk about staff member achievements, new babies born, the doctor’s family, etc. Pictures of staff and other patients (with permission, of course) grabs your viewer’s attention and shows that you are more than just a dental office. You have real people working for you and treat real patients as well.

• Prove That You Are the Local Expert: Mothers only want the best for their family. Content that shows Before and After photos of case studies are hugely impactful. It’s one thing to talk about your case, but being able to show the results can really hit home. List any new achievements, certifications, CE courses completed, and anything else to show your dedication to dentistry.

• Pick Your Testimonials Wisely: Similarly, to the way a new best seller will put the best part of multiple testimonials all together on a book cover, you can pack your newsletter with relevant testimonials. If you want to advertise a particular aspect of your office, find a few patient reviews that mention that aspect of your practice and place them all together in your next newsletter. This will have a Bandwagon Effect, which means people want to do something because others are already doing it.

Now that you have a foundation for where to start your content you will be well on your way to a great patient newsletter. Don’t forget to track your new patients to see where they are coming from. We have found that newsletters bring in educated and loyal patients who will stick with you through the years.

Marketing to Moms

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