Are you doing patient surveys? Most patient management software can be used to automatically manage recall reminders, appointment reminders, and now send surveys with patient reviews. Whether you are asking your patients face to face for a review or if it’s automated, this simple task can make or break your practice.

Imagine you are new to an area. Some of your first tasks are going to be to find the best grocery store near you, a family physician, and even a local dentist. You want people to be able to search for “Dentist” in your zip code and find your office with great 5 Star Ratings on Google! You may have a beautiful office, a great team and even do quality dentistry, but if the dental office around the corner has more 5 Star Ratings on Google, your potential patients are likely to give them a try first.

Patient surveys can ask your patients any question you want. For example:

  • Are you trying to grow your practice?
    • Ask: Would you refer friends and family to our office? Why or why not?
  • Is your focus on patient comfort?
    • Ask: Were you happy with your appointment today?

Always end with asking patients to leave a written review on Google. If they leave a good review, great! If not, you have a baseline for areas that need to be addressed.

Besides getting patient reviews online, here are some other reasons why you should do patient surveys:

1) You get an outside opinion: You see your team members every day being their boss, but you aren’t with all of them 100% of the time. Your patients can give you perspective on how they are chairside, at the front desk or even over the phone when you aren’t around. This information is invaluable. It can help you to improve areas that you didn’t even know needed improved or let you know that someone on your team needs a pat on the back!

2) People know that you care about your business: Asking someone’s opinion about their experience makes them feel appreciated and listened to. Patients will let you know if they are unhappy! Even an unhappy person can feel better about their situation after being asked about it and especially better if the problem is fixed the next time they see you.

3) Word of mouth is huge! Patients who love you and your team will be sure to tell their friends and family. Word of mouth extends beyond face to face interaction; it has moved online! Not only will those happy patients tell people in person, they are more inclined to leave an online review for the world to see. Potential patients will look for 5 Star Ratings and happy patient reviews online.

4) The Cycle: When your patients are happy, your team is happy. Happy employees make for even more happy patients. It’s a cycle that will continue. Ensuring everyone is happy all the time is critical information to have!

How Patient Surveys Can Grow Your Practice

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