Direct mail can be a great tool if used properly. Whether you are trying to bring in new patients or get your current patients to accept treatment, newsletters can work for you. Everyone’s budget is a little different. No matter if you are corporate dental office or a private practice small business owner, keeping up with a consistent marketing approach is key to getting patients coming through your doors. Persistence is key!

We aren’t telling you to nag on your patients or drive your neighbors nuts, but you never know who is paying attention! We’ve heard our clients say over and over again that it may take a year or two of sending out a campaign to the same area for someone to finally need you.

Why To Be Persistent

  • Recognition: Unlike other businesses where you get 2-3 companies that do the same trade, it’s not as common to get mail from you local dentist! If you are mailing a newsletter, postcard, etc. to your target area consistently and your neighbors keep seeing your name, they will remember it when they need your service.
  • Circumstances Change: The great news about your potential patients remembering your name is, you never know when their circumstance may change. Maybe they have a toothache and your name came to mind. Maybe their insurance changed and they remembered seeing you accepted their new insurance from your most recent flyer. Maybe they weren’t due for a cleaning when they first got your newsletter, but this time around they realized they were! Guess what, all these people could potentially be your new patients.
  • Build Trust: We can’t say this one enough. Dentistry is very “in your face” – quite literally. People want to know who is going to be treating them. It’s a very personal profession. Include a little bit about you and your staff in every campaign and your neighbors will start to feel more comfortable with you. After doing research they may have found 2 dentists close to home but they have been getting flyers from you for the past 2 years… who do you think they will pick?

How to Be Persistent

  • Stick to a schedule: Depending on your budget, your schedule could be annual, biannual, or quarterly. We recommend at  the very least sending out something annually!
  • Figure out what works: Track where your new patients are coming from. We can help with this! We offer FREE call tracking to all of our clients! Try a 4 page newsletter, then a postcard or letter with a coupon. If something seems to work best, keep doing that!

Who to target

  • This should be the first thing you figure out before you spend any more money! What kind of patients do you want to attract? Once you have narrowed down your ideal demographic, local area, and/or family income range, our job is to find the perfect mail route for you and ship your newsletter or postcard right to their doorstep!

Now that you know how being persistence can help grow your practice, ask yourself, could you use a little more structure in your marketing? If you answered “yes” but aren’t sure what works for your budget, here’s the good news: Our Loyal Customer Discount is for you! You get 10% OFF your first direct mail campaign and continue to get a 10% off discount if you keep up with quarterly campaigns!

Persistence is Key

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