Newsletter and Postcard Design

Few practices have the time or resources to pull off a quality, consistent newsletter campaign. Our team of professional dental writers and graphic designers work with you to design a custom newsletter or postcard that will draw in the type of patient you would like to target, without the headache and at a price you can afford.


We offer custom, full color, 4-page newsletters and 8.5 x 11 oversize postcards. Newsletters are great for keeping patients and potential patients up to date on the happenings in your office. With their varied articles they also enable you to target more than one age group or demographic. Newsletters draw in patients who like to make an informed decision and are ready to purchase.



Postcards tend to bring in a slightly different crowd that responds more to the short and sweet. They help keep your office in the front your community. Each postcard features a short article on the back to help establish your office as the local dental expert.


Custom Mailing

We will analyze the demographics and competition in your area to propose a mailing route and schedule to meet your budget. We feel that it is important to establish a regular mailing pattern with your community and recommend 4-8 mailings a year for best results. Generally we like to break your mailing area into groups and mail to a different group approximately every 3 weeks to keep the patient flow consistent. We highly suggest sticking with a program for at least two rounds. Often the second mailing sees a better return than the first.

We like mail to both businesses and residential areas because many people choose their dentist based on proximity to their work location for convenience. Newsletters can also end up in the break rooms where multiple employees can enjoy. With free customization, if you would prefer not to include businesses in your campaign, just let us know and we can make that change.

FAQ: Can I still mail to a certain demographic group using every door direct mail?

We do have demographic data available for each mailing route, so we are able to choose different mailing areas based on average age or income. By avoiding lists and mailing to every home in a small area we have several advantages: postage is much less for oversized postcards and full size newsletters, there are no lists to purchase and verify, no added cost from printing address labels, and less time in sorting. We also design the newsletter and specials geared towards the demographics desired so it naturally draws the dentist’s targeted patient.

Call Tracking

Always FREE!!!

The best way to know what is working for your office is to track your mailings with a calling tracking phone number. We will set up a number free of charge and give you access to the recorded calls to improve your results.

Why We Can Do Newsletters For Less!

Taking advantage of new mailing programs through the USPS, we are able to mail newsletters and oversized postcards for much less than was previously possible. Check out the benefits!

  • No mailing lists to purchase
  • No permits
  • New lower rates for every door mailing
  • Better Response with oversized printing
  • Pick neighborhoods or saturate an entire area

We also offer discounted bulk rates to mail campaigns directly to your current patient list.

FAQ: Which is better, a newsletter campaign, a postcard campaign, or combination?

The type of campaign should depend on the amount of news an office generates as well as the doctor’s preferences. Many offices prefer to send a newsletter every three months. That time frame gives them enough time to come up with another great case study to share and new happenings from the office. A postcard campaign is also a great option. They are easy to prepare and still help to establish trust with the office, but sometimes aren’t able to establish the personal connection as easily as with newsletters. A combination campaign, alternating newsletters and postcards, is great way to keep up a consistent mailing campaign (which is SO important), without the stress of coming up with personal content every six weeks.

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