We all want to be successful at what we do. You signed up for dental school with the dream of becoming a successful dentist one day. Whether you have been practicing for one year or ten years now, you want your practice to thrive. Maybe you’ve hit some bumps along the way and are trying to get back on your feet, or maybe you are just starting out. Either way, here are some proven tips to help you, your dental team, and your business take off running towards your goals!

  1. Make sure your staff is trained: Not everyone has the luxury of hiring someone with years of experience under their belt, but that doesn’t mean employees can’t be trained. For new patients, their experience begins with whoever their first contact is. For most, that’s whoever answers the phone. This person should have professionalism within their communication skills that leaves a positive lasting impression. Back office team members should have a built in attitude of customer service and clinical skill to accommodate patient comfort. Continued education for you and your team is critical to maintain your patient care as well as your business.
  2. Discover your office culture: This doesn’t mean you have some soul-searching to do, it simply means know and understand what you and your staff want from your dental office and define that together. Your office culture could include the personalities of you and your team, your values as a dentist, and even your office décor! You probably already know what you want as dentist, but the best way to learn what your team wants is to, yes… ASK. Set aside a time for a team meeting. Discuss day-to-day systems, long-term goals, and office expectations. Once everyone is on the same page, you are sure to grow!
  3. Define what makes you unique: Now that you know your culture, what about that sets you apart from the dentist next door? Your fees are similar, you’re close by, you both have beautiful buildings… why would someone pick you as their dentist? Figure that out and market that. Keep all of your marketing campaigns consistent. Your social media sights, newsletters, website and any other marketing strategy, should all contain this unique element. How do you want to be set apart?
  4. Connect with your patients: In this digital age, there are many ways we can communicate with your patients. We’re not just talking about automated appointment reminders; we mean actually talk – to them. You better have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some sort of social media page by now. This is how you engage your patients. Ask questions, share team photos, talk about community outreach, and genuinely connect with people. Show that you are real people too. One of the first places people go to on your website is your bio page. They want to know about you, their dentist. If you are consistently sharing your life with your patients, they will want to continue to share theirs with you.
  5. Reviews, reviews, and more reviews: This one cannot be emphasized enough. Get a system that sends out automated requests for reviews, hand out a card with easy directions on how to leave a review on Google, or simply ask your favorite patient that’s been seeing you for 10 years to leave a quick review on why they come back. We live in an age where potential patients just type, “dentist in my area” and find a list with the highest… you guessed it ratings. If you don’t have a conglomerate of reviews under your belt to get your dental office to the top of that list, people aren’t going to see it. It’s that simple.

That’s a lot to think about, but let me make it simple for you. We can help! The Dental Press was designed to promote you and your team, keep your patients up-to-date on what you are doing in your office or community, and even attract potential new patients. All for the about the cost of one stamp per person. We help you to create a custom newsletter sharing your office goals, achievements, new technology, community outreach, and much more! We help you to connect with your patients and reach potential new patients at the same time.


Feel free to share other ways to help a dental office thrive below! We’d love to hear from you.

A Successful Dental Office

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