2015 has come and gone. People all over the world will spend the next few weeks trying to get to the gym more, cut things out of their diet, or make other lifestyle changes to be a better version of themselves with the New Year, 2016! But why stop there? As a dental office there are always things that we can improve as well! If you are looking to give your office a face lift in 2016, then here is a quick tip to get the ball rolling:

Out With the Old, In with the New

  1. Dental Products: First, dental products are always improving and being invented. So you have been using the same Endo files for 5 years and the same bond for just as long, but have you tried that sample the Rep dropped off last week? No one wants to be experimented on and no doctor wants to chance using a product that is new but not necessarily better. Did you know that someone has already done that for you? Clinician’s Report was founded in 1976 by doctors to test out new dental products to ensure their “efficacy and clinical usefulness”, according to the Clinician’s Report website. So take a look at the latest report and try out that new product.
  2. Equipment: Have you been putting off switching to digital x-rays or trying a CEREC or E4D for the first time? This is 2016! The technologies have been around for many, many years at this point. They have been tested and proven to improve case acceptance, bring in new patients, and even sell more dentistry! Yes, they are an investment, but it is money well spent in the long run.
  3. Office Technology: Many offices have switched to becoming completely paperless. It can be a big step and maybe not one you are quite ready for, but upgrading other aspects of your office could be the first step. Offering a tablet for people to fill out forms on, a computer for your waiting room for patients to use, or even a slideshow of “Before and After” cases playing on the wall are all great ways to give your office a new look!
  4. Dental Software: Besides the software that you use for your everyday charting and billing, do you take advantage of the other programs like Lighthouse 360 or Demand Force that are made to work behind the scenes? These programs are designed to handle contacting patients for recall appointments, can assemble monthly newsletters ready for approval, and even contact your patients via text/email/phone call to confirm appointments to list a few. Do some research, try out a trial version, and work on improving your recall!
  5. Staff: It’s a dreaded topic to possibly let a team member go, but it could be just what your office needs. Most people hire someone based on their skillset and don’t consider their personality and how well they blend with the other staff members. If you have one person that doesn’t seem to mesh, it may be time to let them go. Patients can sense when there is a conflict in the office. No one wants to be the middle man in that situation. Having a team that gets along, is able to have fun on the job, and creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment for all parties can really help your office thrive!

With the New Year, it’s time to make some changes! Don’t let your office stay stagnant when it could be thriving with a few easy upgrades.

Have any questions or other suggestions? Please feel free to comment below!

Tips for the New Year

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