Let’s Face it… Marketing Is Brutal!

As a dentist you have two main concerns that are on drastically different playing fields: patient comfort and running a small business. You can’t get much more on opposite sides of the spectrum as far as job descriptions, but that’s the life of a modern day dentist. If you are going to make it, you have to master both. Unfortunately, you can’t provide a comfortable environment for your patients if you don’t have any! The truth is, unless you are in a remote area, there is a dentist on every corner. How will your potential patients choose you out of the endless list? Isn’t that the million dollar question?

THE ANSWER IS: By getting your name out there! Your patients want to know you are a human being, just like them. They want to get to know you and your team as people. The more they see your name, the more they will remember it and begin to trust you.

So Why Newsletters You Ask?

Get the word out!

Use Your Newsletter To:

  • Share about your office’s community involvement & upcoming events
  • Advertise new programs, incentives or specials
  • Inform your patients about you and your team’s training & accomplishments
  • Introduce new procedures or technology
  • Celebrate smile makeover stories, and much more!

Grow Your Practice

Using every door direct mail is the only way to send your message to every home in your community.

Own Your Town

Become the local dental expert. Connect with and stay in front of your community.

Attract Quality Patients

Newsletters bring in patients who are educated and want the best for their smile, not just the crowd looking for the rock bottom deals.

Increase Case Acceptance

Professional newsletters build trust and educate your patients about available services and technology.

This is Where We Come In

The great thing about being the boss is, you can delegate responsibilities that you simply don’t have time for. Marketing is often one of them, but it doesn’t have to be expensive either! Our team of professional dental writers and graphic designers work with you to design a custom newsletter that will draw in the type of patient you would like to target, without the headache and at a price you can afford.

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